G&J's goal has been to supply the most innovative and complete line of central vacuum units and accessories for you.  We use the AVP Platinum Series system designed by  AIRVAC .

  • High-efficiency, two-stage filtration for superior cleaning 
  • High air watt rating while maintaining low operating noise 
  • Four-color segmented display shows bag debris level 
  • Two-color status indicator shows power and motor life 
  • Slide-gate collar bag designed for cleaner replacement 
  • Power unit exhausts outside the living area so dust and dirt do not recirculate 
  • Hose can plug directly into vacuum at utility port for local cleaning

Central Vacuum Systems provide whole-house cleaning convenience and improved air quality. Unlike conventional vacs that can recirculate dust, a central system carries dust, dust mites, pollen, dander, and other allergens, away from living areas to a unit usually located in the garage or basement to improve indoor air quality and to reduce vacuuming noise.
Why Central Vacuum?
A Healthy, Convenient, Peaceful Choice
Core Central Vac System
Get the dirt....
Add on to the AirVac system with a toolkit full of easy-to-exchange accesories.  Kit sizes vary but kits may include:
(1) Deluxe Central Vacuum Hose 
(1) 14-inch Deluxe Power Brush with Headlight 
(1) Metal Telescopic Central Vacuum Wand with High-voltage Cord 
(1) Metal Telescopic Central Vacuum Wand 
(1) Metal Hose Rack 
(1) Crevice Tool 
(1) Upholstery Tool with Brush 
(1) Floor/Wall Tool 
(1) Dusting Brush 
(1) On-board Tool Caddy 
(1) Deluxe Canvas Tool Caddy
Automatic Dustpans
The Automatc Dustpan is an accessory for your central vac that mounts in the baseboard of a kitchen, laundry or any other un-carpeted room. The dustpan’s front port opens so dirt can be swept from the floor directly into the vacuum system. An activation lever on the face of the dustpan opens the vacuum valve and switches on the vacuum unit’s power through the low-voltage control wire. The automatic dustpan is ideal for dry-spill areas such as kitchens, workshops, and entryways. The dustpan is also available in white, black and almond to coordinate with your room's decor. 


VMP600-6: Disposable Paper Vacuum Bags (6-pack) 
Six 5.8-gallon disposable slide-gate paper bags for AVP Series AirVacs 

Replacement Bags
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